Watersoluble Sketching Pencils 6 Tin

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Product description

What a brilliant combination, graphite and water! Like our Sketching Pencil the Watersoluble Sketching Pencil has a wide strip which is great for quick loose sketches but when you add water the graphite gently dissolves and your drawing takes on a new, softer feel! We’ve created 3 easy to use wash strengths for you; light, medium and dark which will help you bring great depth to your work. Contains 2 x HB, 2 x 4B, 2 x 8B and a pencil sharpener.

  • Lovely compact tin containing six water-soluble sketching pencils together with a free superior quality pencil sharpener
  • The pencils included in the tin are 2 X HB, 2 x 4B and 2 x 8B Water-soluble Sketching pencils
  • Ideal for creating expressive tonal drawings and line and wash sketches




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