SenseBag Marker Roll-up Case for 18 Copic Markers – Natural

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The practical Sense bag roll-up case is made from high-quality, natural-coloured linen that is washable and hard wearing polyester fabric. Simply roll up your pens, pencils and markers and have them with you at all times. You can place the roll-up pencil case flat on a table, put your pens and pencils into the 18 red pencil loops and roll it up again. The roll-up pencil case can be closed flexibly, depending on how thick your pens and pencils are, with the help of the red elastic loops on both studs. If you like to roll up your pencils, the Sense bag roll-up pencil case will be your constant companion everywhere you go, wherever you want to roll-up your pens, pencils and markers and have them with you. The 18 piece marker case comes with a Velcro fastener and an integrated outside pocket for easy transport and practicality. This case is sold empty.

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