Neef 95 Round Synthetic Brush Size 20

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The Neef 95 series is absolutely the best brush for acrylic painting with very
resilient stiff bristles that snap straight back into shape. We also have a lot of oil painters who will only use
this 95 series brush and like all Neef brushes, if cleaned and stored correctly this brush will give years of
painting pleasure.

Neef 95 brushes can hold a large amount of paint while maintaining a firm line with a soft brush stroke. Each brush has a seamless nickel ferrule attached to a long green-colored handle.

Round ferrule with round pointed hair. Very popular with tonal painters.

  • Use With:          Acrylic, Oil
  • Application:      Painting
  • Pack Size:         Individual
  • Brush Shape:  Round
  • Brush Hair:       Synthetic
  • Brush Handle:  Long Handle