Neef 95 Fan shaped Synthetic Brush Size 2

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The Neef 95 range offers an unmatched durability for a synthetic brush, making them one of the finest handmade synthetic brushes possible.

They have an incredible feel and spring for unmatched precision and control, and their finely tapered hairs interlock to keep a flawlessly sharp point or edge. Neef 95 stiff synthetic brushes are excellent for oil paint and heavy body acrylics. The special synthetic bristle fiber resists splaying when used with solvents, and the hairs keep their tight shape longer than any other synthetic hairs.

Neef 95 brushes can hold a large amount of paint while maintaining a firm line with a soft brushstroke. Each brush has a seamless nickel ferrule attached to a long green colored handle.

Fan-shaped brushes are great for adding highlights in grass and foliage. Also good for blending.

  • Use With:          Acrylic, Oil
  • Application:      Painting
  • Pack Size:         Individual
  • Brush Shape:  Fan shaped
  • Brush Hair:       Synthetic
  • Brush Handle:  Long Handle