Neef 4820Flat Squirrel / Taklon Brush Size 3/8

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The neef 4600 oval Brushes feature silky smooth squirrel hair that holds a huge reservoir of color Each brush acts with your hand movements to lay down sweeping wash strokes and juicy short strokes with beautiful precision resulting in brilliant, powerful strokes that you can control. This brush is really three brushes in one. Paint with the point for fine lines, with the side for medium strokes, and with the flat side of the brush for washes and large areas. This excellent capacity and a tendency to release paint to the surface with more immediacy, resulting in a brush that points well the first time you wet it and remembers its shape every time you use it. This natural hair is the sought-after winter coat of the Kazan Squirrel’s tail that this thick, strong bushy coat protects it from the extreme cold. This fullness and coat strength is then coupled with modern synthetic fibers that allows the hair in these brushes to stand up to textured watercolor papers better than all others.

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