Art Spectrum Gouache


Art Spectrum Artists’ Gouache

Art Spectrum Gouache is a resoluble, quick-drying, waterbased colour of excellent opacity with a consistent, velvety finish. Made in the classic tradition, all colours are carefully triple-milled to ensure maximum brilliance and even coating of pigments. This method has been proven by the test of time. Concentrated pigment colour ensures a little goes a long way.

Genuine, water-based gouache in various forms has been in use since ancient times. The 14th century saw its use in beautifully illustrated manuscripts and JMW Turner, the English watercolourist, used gouache extensively on coloured papers. Gouache Tubes

Uses for Gouache

Art Spectrum genuine artist/designer gouache can be:
• diluted with water for watercolour effects
• applied in smooth, vibrant fields of colour
• used for fine, precise, detailed painting
• used to create spontaneous work with free-flowing brush strokes.

Art Spectrum gouache is the easiest artists’ colour to use. Mix gouache with just enough water on the palette to achieve a smooth, even flow when painted out. Avoid heavy impasto. Dried gouache on the palette can be rewetted and used when required. Use in combination with:
• Watercolours
• Soft Pastels
• Liquid Spectrum and Pigmented Inks
• Charcoal and other drawing media.

There are many possibilities, experimentation is worthwhile.

Economy: Art Spectrum gouache is extremely economical to use, which makes it deal for school and teaching purposes.

Surfaces for Gouache

• All watercolour papers, fine medium or rough, (Acid free, 100% Rag paper for permanency)
• Drawing papers and boards colourfix papers and boards
• Canvas and panels – preparation with Art Spectrum Pastel Primer or Artist Gesso will provide good adhesion, absorbency and flexibility
• Consider using tinted or coloured surfaces and papers.


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