Arches Watercolour Blocks

Arches Watercolour paper is made the traditional way, using a cylinder mould. This method ensures that the fibres are evenly distributed which makes the paper extremely stable, so it will not warp or stretch when water is applied to it.

Arches Watercolour paper is made from long, 100% cotton fibres allowing it to absorb a lot of water without warping or causing the colours to bleed.

It is sized to the core with natural gelatine, so it can be scratched without tearing or linting.

This internal sizing also prevents the paint from penetrating into the paper, allowing light to shine through the pigment and reflect off the paper while ensuring the durability of the colours.

This artist quality paper is further converted into artist blocks.

Blocks are pre-stretched paper which is glued on all 4 sides.

Available in 300gsm, Cold Pressed, Hot Pressed and Rough.

20 sheets

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